America's Favorite Gutter Cover Design... Sold Directly To Homeowners

Compare Gutter Hood® to Gutter Helmet®

Gutter Hood
Gutter Helmet
.024 Aluminum - thicker and stronger
.019 Aluminum
Kynar 500 #1 for 50 years!
Superior Bracket Ensures Nose Forward Installation
Nose Forward
20 Years
Eliminates Nailing to Roof
Nailed to Roof
Very High
No Pressure, Free Estimate
High Pressure, Lengthy Sales Pitch
Sold Direct to Homeowners for DIY Install
Expensive Contractor Install
Replacement Parts
Easy to buy what you need
Not available

Why is Gutter Hood superior to other solid covers...

Gutter Hood is a full, solid, gutter cover in the same style as Gutter Helmet®. There are a few crucial improvements on Gutter Helmet® that we believe makes it a better product. Gutter Hood is significantly thicker and stronger, and the Kynar paint finish is the same used on John Deere and UPS Trucks- minimizing fading from the sun.

One of the other key improvements has been the development of Gutter Hood's mounting bracket. The bracket design guarantees a "nose forward" installation, ensuring that debris will fall off and not into the gutter. The bracket also eliminates screwing into your roof, which can cause leaking issues and void roof warranties.

But of course, the most crucial difference to you is that Gutter Hood is the ONLY contractor grade gutter protection product that is sold directly to homeowners. No need to sit through a long appointment with pushy sales people and pay exorbitant installation costs.

And best of all, it is nearly half the price!