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Installation Videos

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The following information will equip you to install the systems on most homes. Of course every home is unique and many homes will require field modification. If you learn the basic guidelines for installation, you will be able to make the adjustments needed to achieve a proper, custom fit on any home.

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Best Performance
The panels maintain a downward slope with the outward-most point extending past the front edge of the gutter – "NOSE FORWARD."
Gutter Preperation
Blow off all leaves and debris from roof. Clean the gutters and make sure downspouts are free of debris.
Start installation at the end of a gutter run by installing a Gutter Protection Bracket.
Standard Installation
The standard install includes the bracket, panel, universal end-cap and screws to fasten.
End Caps
End caps must fit snuggly with no gaps.
Brake Installation
Brake Installs insure proper slope on roofs greater than 5/12 by forming a custom bend on the upstream edge with a siding break.
Roof Strap Hanger Installation
Roof Strap Hanger Install with flashing and double bend demonstrated.
Inside Valley
Valley Ports and Diverters can control high volume flow in valleys.
Upper to Lower Channels
Upper to lower downspouts and valley can concentrate water into one area that needs special attention to minimize the amount of water that could over flow.
Outside Corner
Right to left installation on outside corners demonstrated.
Slanted Raked Fascia
Slanted Raked Fascia

Additional Installation Videos

Installing Brackets & Panels
Installing Gutter Hood Brackets and Panels, including inside corner.
Eliminating Scrap
How to install Gutter protection and eliminate most of the scrap material waste.
Fascia Mount & Metal Roofs
Find out how to install Gutter Hood using the fascia mount method, popular on metal roofs.
Is Gutter Hood superior to Gutter Helmet?
Discover how Gutter Hood improves upon Gutter Helmet's design, and why Gutter Hood is a superior gutter guard product.