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Measuring & Ordering Instructions

What do I need to do to Accurately Order Your Product?

Step 1: Measure the gutter on your home for running footage needed.

Measuring Gutter Footage

Step 2: Select the right color to match as close as possible the shingles on your home.

To select a color, view your home from the street or at a distance to find the overall tone of the roof color

white gutter protectionwhite gutter protection
Pewter gutter protectionpewter gutter protection
Terratone gutter protectionterratone gutter protection
Slate Grey gutter protectionslate gray gutter protection
Slate Gray
Mocha gutter protectionmocha gutter protection
Forest Green gutter protectionforrest gutter protection
Forest Green
Musket gutter protectionmusket gutter protection
Golden Oak gutter protectiongolden oak gutter protection
Golden Oak
Black gutter protectionblack gutter protection
Copper gutter protectioncopper gutter protection

Roll Over color plates to see selected color installed on a home.
*All Colors are electronically reproduced and will vary from monitor to monitor.

Step 3: Identify water channeling areas

Water channeling areas are defined as any area of the roof and/or gutter system that would concentrate or bring excessive amounts water to the roof edge into the gutter. Identify these areas on your home that will receive runoff into the gutter system being covered. To make sure the right materials are quoted, count the number of inside corners that will need “Inside Corner” separate from other runs that recieve excessice runoff, these areas will need “18" Ported Panels.”

These photos show “water channeling areas”.

An area like this (above, right) gets a little more complicated due to the combination of water channeling. An inside corner panel would be needed at the lower valley but also ported panels (2) out from the valley along the strait run of gutter. Water is “channeled” to this area next to the valley from the downspout on the roof.

Photo (above, right) would require 18" ported Panel.

Check out our Installation Instructions, and make sure you have the right tools.