America's Favorite Gutter Cover Design... Sold Directly To Homeowners

How Gutter Hood Works

Gutter Hood utilizes a proven “nose forward” design. This means the front “nose” of the panel is installed beyond the lip of the gutter, allowing leaves to fall to the ground while the water wraps back around into the gutter. This profile is on millions of homes across the USA, and has consistently been one of the most popular design in gutter covers since its inception.

Gutter Hood is a solid cover that has a ribbed surface that slows and spreads rain water. Through the principle of surface tension, rain water clings to the metal and wraps back over the “nose” and into the rain gutter.

Gutter Hood is made of .024 aluminum (thicker than the leading brand), and comes in 9 colors, and is available in copper via custom order.

Surface Tension and Gutter Protection

Surface tension is the tendency of liquid molecules to cling to solid surfaces, such as water down the side of a fountain... or if you have ever seen a penny float on water, that is surface tension hard at work.

Gutter Hood’s® nose-forward design utilizes this law of surface tension to keep your gutters clear of everything except rain!

Superior Bracket

Gutter Hood uses a superior bracket for installation. Our bracket screws into your fascia, unlike other brands that screw to your roof. Because of our brackets remarkable design, Gutter Hood is guaranteed to install with the nose forward.

The Gutter Hood bracket’s self supporting design distributes all the weight directly onto the bracket, and also strengthens and reinforces your existing gutters.